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Yep, :iconjunkeyturtle: tagged me again. But the thing is, i had all of this done already. BUT I EXITED THE TAB WITHOUT SUBMITING THE JOURNAL!! DX I can't believe i did that! But anyways, if you don't know, please go vote here POLL CLOSED! Another Poll Opened it would mean a lot to me and help me out a lot.

♚ You must post these rules.
♚ Each person has to share 10 things about them.
♚ Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer. 
♚ Choose some people.
♚ You have to legitimately tag some people.
♚ Tag-backs are ALLOWED.
♚ YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY. NO COMMENTS. Unless you're commenting about the actual entry.
♚ You have to finish this within a week. If not; you'll have to do whatever the creator tells you to (art, rp, etc).
♚ Be creative with the title. No "I've Got Tagged" things.
♚ Cussing is ALLOWED.

Stuff About Me:
- My favorite animal is a zebra.
- I just started a tumblr ask of my oc Adam.
- I also started a youtube series called FanGirlStephie Talks.
- I believe in paranormal/psychic stuff. But I'm not weird about it.
- I am engaged to a man I've known for a year and a half now.
- I dream of someday creating my own cartoon.
- I am studying to be a vet assistant. I'm halfway thru my course.
- My favorite candy is a Milky Way.
- I can be SUCH a fangirl to the point that i can't breathe.
- It's REALLY hard for me to think of stuff about me.

Junkeyturtle's Questions:
1. When you imagine some scenes, and stuffs to write down, how do you imagine them: visually, or as plain thoughts?
I imagine whatever I'm reading or writing as if I'm actually watching it as an episode. But it's in my head. I can hear the actors voices in my head perfectly. Which is why i didn't like how they changed Leo's voice actor in season 3. Not because it was Seth Green, he does really well and makes Leo even more badass. But it completely messed up my 2k12 Leo voice in my head DX

2. Does music affect you in your inspirations?
Yeah it does! In fact, i will listen to certain songs when trying to get unstuck in a story. Every song makes me think of a certain character/s.

3. What do you think about nowadays cartoon shows?
I believe that cartoon networks nowadays only have about 1-3 good shows currently airing. But it seems that they're just starting to get our of their stupidity. Like JUST starting to.

4.  Do you like vikings or pirates?
PIRATES! Totally pirates! I love pirates!

5. What mutated animal would you like to be?Why?
I know this will sound kinda cliche, but I would want to be a wolf mutant. I mean come on! I would be able to run for really long distances at a time. Either that or a mutant bat. Cause i like bats.

6. What was the last thing you touched?
Uh... My drink? My phone? This keyboard? :shrug: Idk.

7. Do you like sharing?
Of course i do! :aww: I love to share ideas with others.
8. What's your fav joke?  Chicken's troll face. Icon
Um... Jeff Dunham? Anything he does is pretty funny. Especially Peanut.

9.What do you think about nowadays people's attitude towards the TMNT turtles? (Do you think they treat them fairly, or fandom started to exaggerate stuffs?)
I think tmnt is considered pretty normal nowadays. Most people will say that they grew up with some version of the turtles. But i do wish that me and my little sister would stop getting weird looks from people when we go look at the tmnt toys.

10. Do you have fetishes?

XD Oh my fiance has been asking that for a while now. I honestly don't have any. I'm pretty neutral with most stuff.

My Questions:
1. Out of every animated character you know, which do you feel most connected to? Why?
2. How do you handle a writers/artist block?
3. Do you think the Pokemon anime should just stop and get a reboot already?
4. What old shows do you think should get a reboot?
5. What genre of video games do you most like?
6. Have you ever had a paranormal experience?
7. We recently found out that my Papa has cancer. I'm not sure how to handle it. Any advice? (you don't have to answer this question. I was just wondering)
8. Why Nickelodeon no cancel Spongebob already!? (now I'm just being random XD lol)
9. If you could have any two animated characters get together, who would they be? Why?
10. Why is it so hard to think of questions!? T^T

And i tag, :iconcartooncaleb: :iconlandonaquilla: :iconhellsingotaku18: :iconravenshinobu: AND :iconjunkeyturtle: CAUSE I CAN!! It said so in the rules.


FanGirlStephie's Profile Picture
this is a no hate zone
United States
Hello! I'm FanGirlStephie aka Steph. I love cartoons and anime! I also love creating characters, so that's what will mostly be in my gallery. But I also like to write fanfiction, mostly about the turtles. I am 18, and I am a girl, just so we are clear.
My youtube account…
MY account…
My archiveofourown account…


So when I was 2 in half years old and Titan was only one year, we got news that Uncle Raph was going to have a kid. Also around this time, we got news that Aunt April was going to have a child.
I understood what was going on with Uncle Raph. I've already witnessed it with Titan. But Titan was very confused about it. I remember explaining it to him. He instantly loved it once he understood. We would sneak into the lab just to look at the egg. We talk about how Titan will now have a sidekick of his own.
Oh yes, Titan and I used to play superheroes with Mikey. I was the hero, Titan was the sidekick, and Mikey was the super villain. Titan was always kinda like my sidekick. I would lead him everywhere. He would ask me what the mission was and I would answer. One of my favorites is “mission: eat a cookie before dinner”. Yeah, that never ended well.
Anyways, I'm sorry I got distracted. My cousins still call Titan my sidekick though. Just to tease him that is. But when Julie told us that her mom was having another baby, we were totally confused. Then when Aunt April came in, Titan and I freaked out. We thought she ate the egg the baby was in.
Donatello sat down the two young turtles. Leo and Mikey made sure to calm them down. It took a few minutes, but they managed to calm them down. Donnie then began to explain to them what was going on.
“Look boys, Aunt April didn't eat her baby. Humans don't hatch from eggs like us turtles do. Do you understand that?” Donnie asked.
“I think so. But then how do they get borned? I'm confused.” Yoshi said. Titan nodded in agreement.
“You know how the egg needs to be in the incubator?” Don asked. Yoshi and Titan nodded.
“Well, April's body is like the incubator. It keeps the baby safe and warm. And the baby is like the egg. But humans don't hatch from eggs. Do you understand now?” Don continued.
“I think so. But how does the baby get inside Aunt April?” Yoshi asked. Don started to sweat a little at that question.
“Yeah! How?” Titan added for emphasis.
“Uh, I-I'll tell you when you both get older. But you know you might be able to feel the baby kick though.” Don quickly said, hoping to distract the boys.
It seems to work and they became very excited. They ran over to April, asking everything they could think of. April smiled and sat down with the boys. The two turtle tots talked to her belly happily. Titan then hugged April's stomach.
“Baby's first hug!” He said. Then he jumped back startled as he felt something. Then he giggled. “He hugged me back!”
“That was the baby kicking. He was saying hi. Here Yoshi, give me your hand.” April said. She took Yoshi's hand and placed it on here stomach.
“That feels weird.” Yoshi said with a giggle.
Titan and I had so much fun helping Aunt April and Uncle Casey get ready for their new baby. We also made “welcome to the world” cards for both new babies. Then one afternoon, we woke up from our nap to discover our new cousin being held by Uncle Raph on the couch.
“Hey boys! Come meet yer new cousin. Her name is Joi Falcon Hamato. My daughter.” Raph said with big grin on his face.
We were so happy to see our new female cousin. About a month later, we got news from Uncle Don that Aunt April had her baby. It was a boy named Jason. He and Joi are absolute best friends. Although it wouldn't look like it. They like to tease each other and ruff house.
I bet you expect me to talk about how Joi and I always argue like our fathers do. Well it's not really like that. Joi and I have a pretty good relationship. Even though I am the leader of the team, she would make just as good of a leader as I would. She helps me be a better leader. She sees things differently than I do.
Julie and her are also good friends. They're just like sisters. They love reading together. Books like Twilight or some other girly book series. Don't tell them I said that, I would be in big trouble. But we all enjoy watching tv together. We watch soaps, movies, sports, anything really.
Where was I? Oh yeah, when I was 3 in a half, Titan was 2 and Joi was 1 I remember our fathers trying to convince Uncle Don to have a baby too. But he always had some sort of excuse.
Whether it be “my lifestyle is too busy for a kid” or “I don't think I would be a good father” or even “we already have enough kids around as it is”, there was always something. Every time I heard his excuses I always thought he was hiding something. I don't know why I thought that, it was just a feeling I kept getting. I believe I told father once.
Donatello sat and rocked with little Joi. He smiled warmly as he talked to her. Leo watched from the doorway with a knowing smile. He stopped leaning on the door frame and walked in.
“I can't believe you think you wouldn't be a good father. Do you see yourself right now? You would be an amazing father. What could be preventing you?” Leo said.
“I don't know. Maybe... Maybe I should. Yeah, ok I will.” Don said.
“That's what I wanted to hear. Now, I was wondering, how do you make our kids? We assumed it was some science thing. When we wanted a kid, you ask for a semen sample and then later there's an egg. How do you do it?” Leo asked.
“Oh it's nothing big really. I take the semen sample and then use regular turtle dna for the other half. Our mutated dna effects the normal dna and mutates it. I then grow in and when it's done forming the egg, I put it in the incubator.” Don explained.
“Where do you do that? I don't remember seeing any of that in your lab.” Leo said with slight confusion.
“That's because I go over to Leatherhead's. He has better technology for the process then I do. Once I am able to, I carefully take the egg back here.” Don answered.
“Ok I get it now. That makes sense. Well, I'll go tell everyone the good news. Is Raph working on his bike?” Leo said.
“Yeah, I wanted to put Joi down for her nap this time. So I gave him a little break.” Don replied.
Leo nodded to show he understood. Then he left the room, closing the door behind him. His eyes widened a little in surprise as he saw Yoshi right outside the door.
“Yoshi. Were you listening to our conversation?” Leo asked. Yoshi nodded his head and looked up at Leo.
“Uncle Don lied. He is hiding something.” Yoshi said.
“What makes you say that Yoshi?” Leo asked. Yoshi shrugged his shoulders.
“Don't know. Just a feeling.” Yoshi answered.
“I think it's time for your nap too Yoshi. Let's do put you to bed.” Leo said. Then he took Yoshi's hand and lead him to his room.
Well, one more baby cousin to go. Then I'll start talking about what it's like to be trained in ninjutsu by my father and uncles. I know you're all waiting for that. It's what everyone asks about first thing.
The Life of a Son of a Ninja Turtle chp3

Disclaimer: I don't own 2003 tmnt.

Summary: Throughout my life I've always been asked the same question. What's it like to be the son of a ninja turtle? Well, here's the answer. I guess I should start with the day I hatched.

First Chapter:…
Next Chapter:

Please tell me what you think

Bashful Adam by FanGirlStephie
Bashful Adam
This i drew for Tumblr…

So yeah, this is what Adam looks like when he's blushing and stuff. He also starts studdering a bit.

Ain't he cute? X3
Now then, where was I? Oh yes, my childhood. I remember various things from when I was young. Many memories with each of my family members. Watching my father and uncles train was always fun. I always tried to copy them. I remember always being so amazed.
I was always told stories at night. Uncle Mikey would read me comic books. Uncle Donnie would read science books to me. Father would always tell me stories of their adventures. My favorites were the story of Hamato Yoshi, and stories of their childhood. That's probably my top two. There's a lot to choose from, and a lot that I love.
Father always avoided the really violent and somewhat scary ones. He didn't want to give me nightmares. But Uncle Raph would tell me those stories anyways. They would sometimes argue over it when they thought I wasn't looking.
I also love to hear Grandpa Splinter's stories. I would watch tv with him sometimes. We would have tea and stuff when my dad and uncles go on patrol. I would always want to stay up and wait for them, but I always ended up falling asleep. I always thought Grandpa's fur was so soft and comfortable. Being held by grandpa was the only other way I would fall asleep. I still can't fall asleep without reading a book or listening to something.
Then there was one day when I didn't want to wait for them. I was always kept from the topside world. So I wanted more than anything to go on patrol with them. I remember tying on my blue mask that father gave me for my birthday.
I waited for a few minutes after they left. I told grandpa that I had to use the bathroom. Instead I snuck out and followed them. Long story short, I got caught by some thugs. I remember being so scared I could barely speak. But I did manage to scream out 'daddy'.
My father and uncles immediately were there. Father attacked the thug mercilessly, like a lion who's cubs are being picked on. Uncle Raph had to pull him off and make him stop. Then dad hugged me real tightly and thanked shell that I was alright.
I cried so much and hugged him, I was so scared. I have never said I was sorry as much as I did that day. Father gave me quite the lecture when we got back home. He also took away my toys for an entire day. But after lecturing me, he hugged me and said how thankful he was that I was ok. Then we read a story together in Japanese and slept together. I'll never forget that night for as long as I live.
When I was a year old, father said he had to talk to me. At first I thought I was in trouble for eating a cookie when I wasn't supposed to. But he said that I was going to have a new baby cousin soon. I was completely confused. I liked the cousin I already have. Why do I need a new one?
Oh right, I should tell you that I have an older cousin. Well, she's not really a cousin per say. My father and uncles have two very close human friends who have a daughter. She has black hair and green eyes and is two years older than me. And she's probably my best friend in the world. Her name is Julie, Julie Jones. We usually call her JJ or sometimes July to tease her.
But anyways, where was I? Oh yes, I was very confused with the news of a baby cousin. So father picked me up and took me to Uncle Don's lab. There I saw an egg in an incubator. Of course I didn't know what it was at the time.
“You see that Yoshi? That is a mutant turtle egg. In a little while, a baby turtle will hatch from it. Just like you did. But this one will be your Uncle Mikey's child, your cousin.” Leo explained.
“Really dada?” Yoshi asked, looking at the egg with amazement.
“Really Yoshi. Your Uncle Mikey just loves you so much that he wants to be a daddy too.” Leo said with a smile. Yoshi smiled and buried his face into Leo's chest, letting out a little giggle.
So I would ask to see the egg every day then. Usually Uncle Mikey would take me, under careful eye of Uncle Donnie of course. I was fascinated by the egg. I couldn't believe that in there was another baby turtle. I couldn't believe that I was once like that. I remember getting impatient at one point. Father made sure to tell me all about how patience is a virtue and important in being a ninja. It was the ninja part that really stuck. I always wanted to be a great ninja like dad. I still do.
Then was I was about a year and a half, one day the egg was hatching. I was in complete awe as I watched the egg crack. Uncle Donnie was worried because it was early for it too hatch. Soon a hole was made. I tried to look really hard to see inside it, but it was too dark inside. We started hearing crying then.
Don rushed over to the egg in a panic. “He shouldn't be crying yet! That should only be after he got out! He needs help!” Don yelled. His brothers then became horrified. Yoshi was too young to understand.
Don cracked the egg open and quickly, but also carefully, took out the baby. The first thing he did was make sure it's airways are cleared out. Then he cleaned him off and let out a sigh of relief. His brothers also let out the breathes they were holding.
“He's smaller than Yoshi was. Probably due to how early he hatched. But other than that he is perfectly healthy. Congratulations Mikey.” Don said after he did the same things as when Yoshi was born. Don then passed the light sea green baby over to Mikey.
“Dude... I'm a daddy. What should I name him? There's Dracula and Frankenstein and-” Mikey began saying.
“Michelangelo. You are not naming your kid after a famous monster.” Leo interrupted. He gave Mikey a stern look.
“Ok ok. I understand. Well what about my super hero persona? I could name him Titan!” Mikey exclaimed excitedly.
“Titan is also the name of a renaissance painter. It kinda fits pretty well.” Don said.
“Alright then. Titan it is! Welcome to the world Titan Sentry Hamato. We're gonna have so much fun!” Mikey said to his smiling baby.
I remember wanting to help as much as I could. I loved feeding him and holding him. Of course with adult supervision. I would talk to him all the time, telling him all about the world. He was always laughing, still does too. A year later, when I was 2 in a half and Titan was one, Uncle Raph became a father. I guess I'll start there next time.
The Life of a Son of a Ninja Turtle chp2

Disclaimer: I don't own 2003 tmnt.

Summary: Throughout my life I've always been asked the same question. What's it like to be the son of a ninja turtle? Well, here's the answer. I guess I should start with the day I hatched.

First Chapter:…
Next Chapter:…

Please tell me what you think


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