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Yep, :iconjunkeyturtle: tagged me again. But the thing is, i had all of this done already. BUT I EXITED THE TAB WITHOUT SUBMITING THE JOURNAL!! DX I can't believe i did that! But anyways, if you don't know, please go vote here POLL CLOSED! Another Poll Opened it would mean a lot to me and help me out a lot.

♚ You must post these rules.
♚ Each person has to share 10 things about them.
♚ Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer. 
♚ Choose some people.
♚ You have to legitimately tag some people.
♚ Tag-backs are ALLOWED.
♚ YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY. NO COMMENTS. Unless you're commenting about the actual entry.
♚ You have to finish this within a week. If not; you'll have to do whatever the creator tells you to (art, rp, etc).
♚ Be creative with the title. No "I've Got Tagged" things.
♚ Cussing is ALLOWED.

Stuff About Me:
- My favorite animal is a zebra.
- I just started a tumblr ask of my oc Adam.
- I also started a youtube series called FanGirlStephie Talks.
- I believe in paranormal/psychic stuff. But I'm not weird about it.
- I am engaged to a man I've known for a year and a half now.
- I dream of someday creating my own cartoon.
- I am studying to be a vet assistant. I'm halfway thru my course.
- My favorite candy is a Milky Way.
- I can be SUCH a fangirl to the point that i can't breathe.
- It's REALLY hard for me to think of stuff about me.

Junkeyturtle's Questions:
1. When you imagine some scenes, and stuffs to write down, how do you imagine them: visually, or as plain thoughts?
I imagine whatever I'm reading or writing as if I'm actually watching it as an episode. But it's in my head. I can hear the actors voices in my head perfectly. Which is why i didn't like how they changed Leo's voice actor in season 3. Not because it was Seth Green, he does really well and makes Leo even more badass. But it completely messed up my 2k12 Leo voice in my head DX

2. Does music affect you in your inspirations?
Yeah it does! In fact, i will listen to certain songs when trying to get unstuck in a story. Every song makes me think of a certain character/s.

3. What do you think about nowadays cartoon shows?
I believe that cartoon networks nowadays only have about 1-3 good shows currently airing. But it seems that they're just starting to get our of their stupidity. Like JUST starting to.

4.  Do you like vikings or pirates?
PIRATES! Totally pirates! I love pirates!

5. What mutated animal would you like to be?Why?
I know this will sound kinda cliche, but I would want to be a wolf mutant. I mean come on! I would be able to run for really long distances at a time. Either that or a mutant bat. Cause i like bats.

6. What was the last thing you touched?
Uh... My drink? My phone? This keyboard? :shrug: Idk.

7. Do you like sharing?
Of course i do! :aww: I love to share ideas with others.
8. What's your fav joke?  Chicken's troll face. Icon
Um... Jeff Dunham? Anything he does is pretty funny. Especially Peanut.

9.What do you think about nowadays people's attitude towards the TMNT turtles? (Do you think they treat them fairly, or fandom started to exaggerate stuffs?)
I think tmnt is considered pretty normal nowadays. Most people will say that they grew up with some version of the turtles. But i do wish that me and my little sister would stop getting weird looks from people when we go look at the tmnt toys.

10. Do you have fetishes?

XD Oh my fiance has been asking that for a while now. I honestly don't have any. I'm pretty neutral with most stuff.

My Questions:
1. Out of every animated character you know, which do you feel most connected to? Why?
2. How do you handle a writers/artist block?
3. Do you think the Pokemon anime should just stop and get a reboot already?
4. What old shows do you think should get a reboot?
5. What genre of video games do you most like?
6. Have you ever had a paranormal experience?
7. We recently found out that my Papa has cancer. I'm not sure how to handle it. Any advice? (you don't have to answer this question. I was just wondering)
8. Why Nickelodeon no cancel Spongebob already!? (now I'm just being random XD lol)
9. If you could have any two animated characters get together, who would they be? Why?
10. Why is it so hard to think of questions!? T^T

And i tag, :iconcartooncaleb: :iconlandonaquilla: :iconhellsingotaku18: :iconravenshinobu: AND :iconjunkeyturtle: CAUSE I CAN!! It said so in the rules.


FanGirlStephie's Profile Picture
this is a no hate zone
United States
Hello! I'm FanGirlStephie aka Steph. I love cartoons and anime! I also love creating characters, so that's what will mostly be in my gallery. But I also like to write fanfiction, mostly about the turtles. I am 18, and I am a girl, just so we are clear.
My youtube account…
MY account…
My archiveofourown account…


DonxDark Leo Adoptbles by FanGirlStephie
DonxDark Leo Adoptbles
I haven't done one of these in a while. I actually have a list of all the combinations i have yet to do.

To buy them you would need to submit a picture of the one you want, send me a link, and then i'll tell you that you get him, or i would say that your too late cause this is first come first serve kinda thing, sorry

Also you can add gear, mask, and weapon, or even things like scars and stuff. but that's it, no changing the design beyond that, just so we're clear

You are only allowed to get 3 max per adoptable, you can buy from multiple adoptables.

#1: OPEN

#2: OPEN

#3: OPEN

#4: OPEN

#5: OPEN

#6: OPEN

#7: OPEN

#8: OPEN

#9: OPEN

#10: OPEN

if you can't see something, like the eyes or something, just tell me and i'll tell you what it is

Donnie x Dark Donnie-…
Mikey x Dark Mikey-…
Mikey x Dark Leo-…
Leo x Dark Leo-…
Raph x Dark Raph-…
Raph x Dark Donnie-…
Fangs and Venom by FanGirlStephie
Fangs and Venom
So here's another picture about my mutant trio. This time we have Fangs and Venom.

Now you guys can see exactly what kind of snake they are. ^^; well i hope you can tell at least. I tried to copy the scale pattern as best as i could.

If you can't tell, you can ask the owner Adam himself :dummy: Yay!… Please! Ask him questions! I'm desperate!

Yeah anyways, Fangs loves to get his picture taken, but Venom hates it XD Now you know which head is which.

And they are on a table btw. Just to be clear.
Riley Napping by FanGirlStephie
Riley Napping
Well now, this is a common sight to see in the strange mutant trio's home.

Yeah, whenever the trio (John, Riley and Adam) come home from patroling the city or forest, this is what Riley does first thing.

XD he always says "I'm gonna go rest my eyes, mates." But we all know he's really sleeping. Anybody know someone like that?

This is from Adam's tumblr… go check it out if you want. And feel free to ask any questions you have about Adam or Riley or John or even Adam's pet snake Fangs and Venom.

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