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this is a no hate zone
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Hello! I'm FanGirlStephie aka Steph. I love cartoons and anime! I also love creating characters, so that's what will mostly be in my gallery. But I also like to write fanfiction, mostly about the turtles. I am 18, and I am a girl, just so we are clear.
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107 Facts About the Mutant Trio You didn't Know
Warning! There is a bonus mature fact that younger readers should not read!

1. The creator originally wanted the group, consisting of John the jackalope, Riley the platypus, and Adam the turtle, to have a clever group name. But couldn't think of anything and so, the creator just started calling them the mutant trio.
2. The mutant trio was created to be a group of mutants that were all outcast strange animals and happened to find each other. John mutated into a strange animal, Riley is a natural strange animal and Adam is genetically strange.
3. Riley is Australian, with the accent, speech and love of surfing to go with it. He is very proud to be from Australia.
4. Adam likes to think of himself as an American citizen. John on the other hand, doesn't really care about ethnicity.
5. Adam was inspired by a picture of a little turtle that had twice as many legs than normal. Inspiration was also taken by deviantart user Yinller's oc Ethan and Nathan, the two headed mutant turtle.
6. John was inspired by the mythological creature, the jackalope. Which is a rabbit with antlers.
7. John's antlers are young deer antlers. His antlers still goes through the life cycle of normal antlers. But they don't have the scent glands.
8. Adam loves the feel of the velvet on John's antlers when in that time of year. And gladly helps John rub off the dried velvet that may get stuck on the antlers.
9. At one point, the creator thought of having a nine tailed fox mutant in the group, who would have been the “Mikey” of the group. But decided against it because fox characters are too popular and the creator didn't want the group to be too much like the turtles.
10. Adam is 14, making him the youngest of the three and a year younger than the turtles. Riley and John are both the oldest at 16, a year older than the turtles.
11. The mutant trio's ages are by how long ago they got mutated. For John and Riley it was 16 years ago, and for Adam 14 years.
12. Adam is the only one of the mutant trio who was mutated shortly after he hatched. John and Riley was already alive for a while before mutation.
13. Adam is 2 inches shorter than Mikey. Riley is the tallest, being an inch taller than Donnie. And John is in between, being about Leo's height, excluding his ears and antlers.
14. Adam hatched with eight legs, four of which became arms when he mutated.
15. John and Adam first met each other, Adam helped John's bullet wound. Then they met Riley.
16. Riley at first attacked them both, but because of Adam's kind heart and worry over Riley's scars, they quickly became friends.
17. Adam's optimism and forgiving nature is meant to balance John and Riley's grudges and more serious natures.
18. John has a big grudge and hatred toward humans, mostly hunters. Riley has a strong dislike to mutants, especially kangaroos.
19. But for some reason, Riley has no ill feelings when meeting Leatherhead, and actually really likes him as a friend.
20. Riley loves to wrestle crocodiles, especially the mutant kind.
21. For most his life, Adam lived in the city, scrounging anything useful he finds.
22. The mutant trio have been together for 4 years. They even build their cabin by scratch.
23. Four years is also how long Riley has been in America.
24. Riley was banished from Australia by a group of mutant kangaroos, who hated him for liking humans.
25. Adam found his pet 2 headed snake thrown out and abandoned. He immediately took in it, knowing how it feels from being in the same boat.
26. The two heads of Adam's pet snake each has a distinct personality. Fangs is much more playful and cheery while Venom is more grumpy and serious. But both are equally protective of Adam.
27. Fangs and Venom is a male snake. They have mated with female snakes.
28. John doesn't let Adam keep any of the baby snakes because he doesn't want the cabin filled with snakes.
29. Fangs and Venom have imprinted on Adam since they were found by him shortly after they hatched.
30. Fangs and Venom are so docile because of being care for by Adam their entire life. But they still have the hunting instincts and can hunt just as well as any wild snake.
31. Adam has anti-venom from Fangs and Venom's venom. Adam keeps all the anti-poison and anti-venom vial in his duffel bag.
32. Fangs and Venom have there own living area at Adam's desk.
33. When traveling, Fangs and Venom will be in Adam's duffel bag, or wrapped around his arm.
34. John's leg wound is a bullet wound from right before he got mutated. A hunter shot him.
35. The hunter also had a pair of antlers in the back of his truck, which is how John got his antlers.
36. Because the bullet was still in his leg, John's bones have become as strong as the metal. The bullet has also become attached to the muscle inside.
37. But occasionally if John stretches his leg in a certain way, the bullet inside his leg will get detached and becomes painful. John then is forced to stay in bed until it reattaches.
38. Adam's duffel bag is inspired by 2003 Donatello's duffel bag and Aggie Cromwell's (from the movie Halloweentown) magic bag.
39. The creator wanted John's name to be from a leader in history. She knew John was the name of a king before and went with that. But in John's backstory, he decided his name would be John from seeing a John Deer branded item.
40. The creator wanted Riley's name to sound Australian. So after a google search, she came across the name Riley. She thought of how it would sound, him introducing himself as Riley with that Australian accent, in her head and the name stuck.
41. Unlike John and Riley, Adam's name doesn't have any special reason. It's just what popped into the creator's head after she was done drawing him. She liked and the name just stuck.
42. Adam never ever takes off his neck scarf. The only time he would take it off is to bath. And he baths very privately. Nobody has seen him bath.
43. The mutant trio baths using the lake not far from their cabin. Adam would install a bathtub, but not many people just throw away bathtubs. And none he can find is big enough for them.
44. Despite not having a bathtub, Adam has put in indoor pluming. Including a toilet and sinks.
45. All of Riley's scars are from fights he has gotten into back in Australia.
46. Adam's scar on his plastron is from when he was thrown away after he hatched. He landed on something sharp while skidding into a sewer grate.
47. It took a while for Adam to learn how to walk with his extra legs.
48. Adam walks by using two as his left and two as his right, but he can move each independently. But it's more common for his arms to be controlled independently.
49. Riley is a platypus, John was a forest rabbit, and Adam is a red eared slider turtle.
50. Riley has spurs on the back of his feet that inject a poison that can kill a person.
51. Normal male platypus poison is not deadly and just temporarily paralyze at the most.
52. Adam always has anti-poison in his bag ready to be injected whenever Riley kicks someone.
53. While John and Riley have no issues with fighting, Adam is a pacifist.
54. But that doesn't mean Adam can't fight. Adam is a skilled fighter and is not afraid to use his switch blades for protection.
55. John, Riley, and Adam's pet snake are all very protective of Adam.
56. John and Riley see Adam as an innocent baby brother and are worried of him getting hurt one day.
57. Riley is quite the gentleman when it comes to women. He says that females are “a gift that only real worthy blokes can have”.
58. Riley likes blue eyes because they remind him of the sea.
59. Riley is a skilled surfer. He can also see underwater with his eyes and ears closed. It's sort of like a special echolocation that platypuses do.
60. Adam's favorite food are strawberries, Riley's are shrimp, and John's are salads.
61. John loves to garden and has one outside the cabin. It's where they get all of their vegetables.
62. Adam loves to learn about anything and everything. He also loves to help others with the knowledge that he's gained.
63. Whenever Adam is clumsy, he always jokes that he has “three left feet”. But since the 2012 style of tmnt has completely round feet, none of his feet are left or right.
64. But if Adam was in a style of tmnt that had more human shaped feet, two would be left and two would be right.
65. Riley calls John and Adam his mates. This is a common Australian slang term meaning friend.
66. John and Riley's relationship is supposed to be similar to Leo and Raph's in the way that they tease each other.
67. The lunchables kabobbles commercials when they have the platypus and the jackalope remind the creator a lot of John and Riley. That's because that's how they would act towards each other. But John and Riley were created before those commercials were seen by the creator.
68. The lunchables commercial that reminds the creator most of John and Riley is the one when the platypus and jackalope are playing ping pong. The creator can clearly imagine it as John and Riley.
69. John actually took the army print pants and machete from a hunter's cabin he came across shortly after mutation. He is not proud of this fact.
70. Riley's pants, necklace, and hat were taken from a lost and found at the beach Riley often watched and visited.
71. Riley's hat is his most cherished and beloved possession. Nobody messes with the hat.
72. Adam's pet snake is a peach colored copperhead snake. And they are venomous.
73. Adam calls Donatello “senpai”, but he's to shy to call Don that in person. He really looks up to Donatello.
74. From living in the city, Adam has picked up some Spanish words from the Spanish speaking population of NYC. But he is not fluent at all.
75. Spanish words sometimes appear in Adam's sentences. Adam is usually unaware of it.
76. The turtles and Master Splinter are teaching Adam the Japanese language. All because Adam asked, because he really wanted to learn.
77. Riley would love to settle down someday with a lady of his own. But he thinks the odds of that happening are unlikely.
78. Adam gets really nervous and fidgety when the topic of relationships and girls come up. He often stutters and blushes bright red.
79. John doesn't believe something like relationships would ever happen with them.
80. Being more a night person, Riley often takes a nap in the middle of the day.
81. John has dedicated his life in keeping the balance of the forest in tack. He protects the forest with his life.
82. Adam loves to tinker and build stuff just like his idle Donatello.
83. John fights with his machete. Riley fights with his fists, feet, and tail. Adam can use all his arms and legs in a fight. Adam usually uses a couple switch blades when defending himself.
84. Riley has a short fuse when it comes to jokes/insults about platypuses and/or Australia. He especially hates being called a duck beaver.
85. Whenever John gets angry, his nose twitches a lot. Riley usually teases him for it. He doesn't like being teased about it.
86. John actually has had children and probably has grand children by now. He had mated with a female rabbit before he got mutated, back when he was a regular rabbit.
87. John prefers not to think about it because it's “too weird to think about”.
88. Riley doesn't know if he's mated with a female before his mutation. He says that his life before mutation is kind of a blur to him.
89. John wasn't supposed to be so much of a Usagi and Leonardo type of character. It's just what happened when the creator developed his character.
90. Whenever Adam is confused about something, he tilts his head slightly to the side. It's a habit of his.
91. Adam is ambidextrous with all four hands. He can actually write four different things all at one time.
92. Adam is an expert at multitasking. He can think of multiple different things at once.
93. When Riley mutated, he grew teeth even though normal platypuses don't have teeth.
94. Adam and Riley love to swim in the lake. John enjoys a nice dip in the lake, but doesn't love it as much as the other two do.
95. Adam has an ask blog on tumblr called Ask Mutant Turtle Adam.
96. Riley hunts for his own food. Usually in the lake, but he might travel to the coast of New York if he needs to.
97. Riley usually hunts in the evening/night time. But he always makes it back in time for breakfast.
98. Adam sometimes will work too hard and will end up falling asleep at his desk.
99. John usually takes Adam back to the bedroom Adam is supposed to sleep in.
100. Adam enjoys to listen to music while he works on stuff at his desk.
101. Adam prepares his duffel bag in the morning before breakfast.
102. John and Adam usually prepare the food together.
103. John is a herbivore, Riley is a carnivore, and Adam is an omnivore.
104. John's attire was inspired by what a jungle survivor guy would wear, complete with machete, but excluding a shirt.
105. Adam believes that everyone can be good, some just choose not to be.
106. But Adam does not believe that Shredder is a pure evil. His agruement is that “he became Shredder because he loved a woman. And he raised Karai because she is that woman's daughter. A true evil would not do that”.
107. The creator likes Adam the most of the three. She is not sure why, but when she creates a group of ocs she tends to like one just a bit more than the others. But she still likes them all.

Bonus Mature 18+ Fact!- Four arms and legs are not the only body parts that Adam has duplicates of. Adam also has two fully functional penises.
107 Facts About the Mutant Trio You Didn't Know!
Here is 107 facts about the mutant trio. My ocs John, Riley, and Adam. :aww: Please tell me what you think? Were you surprised at all? I would love to here your thoughts. And if you are a tmnt rper, I'm available to rp. With ocs or without, it doesn't matter.

Check my gallery for pics of the mutant trio! If you want to. And feel free to ask Adam anything on Tumblr.
Adam's Halloween Costume by FanGirlStephie
Adam's Halloween Costume
Adam loves to celebrate Halloween. This year he is Stitch. He always makes a costume of something that has multiple arms and/or legs. He feels it's the only type of costumes he could wear. But John and Riley on the other hand, not so much. John doesn't like anything the humans do, because of his grudge. And Riley doesn't really care for it, but he still humors Adam.

So yeah, happy halloween everyone! :D
Application for Lyndwurm University: ID# 0003 by FanGirlStephie
Application for Lyndwurm University: ID# 0003
This is for :iconlyndwurmuniversity: The founder messaged me about it. I checked it out and thought Adam would love to be part of this.

He's always trying to learn new things. John and Riley, not so much, they say they already know everything they need to. But they fully support Adam in going to this.

So i never been part of a group like this. So i'm a bit nervous about it. Probably exactly how Adam feels right now. I put so much of myself into him.

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