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what is my status? well i have to take care of my mom since she was in an accident. what? you want something possitive? this is the internet, there is no such thing as a possitive status.
April took a stance with her tessen next to Donnie. They took a small moment to look at each and smile. Then they looked back to Dark Donnie, now with a new determination. Dark Donnie looked at April with a mad expression, but then it changed to his typical smug one.
“Oh April, my lovely flower, I told you to wait. You don't have to be so eager to be with me. We have all the time in the world after I'm through with him.” He said.
“You're crazy.” April replied.
“Don't be a bad girl now April. I don't want to have to punish you. Although now that I'm thinking about it, maybe I should anyways. You would enjoy my punishments.” The evil purple genius said suggestively. April's face became a mixture of disgust and insulted and turned a little red. Donnie's face became angry.
“Will you just be quiet!?” Donnie yelled right before he attacked Dark Donnie.
Right after he attacked, April did as well. But Dark Donnie seemed to be ignoring her. He actually seemed to be purposely dodging her. But when her tessen hit the armor on his bicep, he turned to her.
“You don't want to do this April. I don't want to hurt you.” He said to her.
Donnie then whacked his staff at the side of his face from behind. The staff effectively hit the piece of metal on that side and making it spark. Dark Don fell to the ground, still conscious but unable to fight anymore.
“Finally.” Donnie said with much relief.
“You can say that again.” April agreed.
The two blue leaders' swords clashed together. They were like that for a while. Neither said a word to each other. For them it wasn't needed. Besides, they both knew that the other wasn't going to give away any useful information anyways.
After a while, Leo managed to fling Dark Leo's sword out of his hands. Then a powerful kick to his plastron sent Dark Leo crashing into old warehouse boxes. The evil blue leader was now in the same state as his dark genius brother. The piece of metal on his eye was sparking. Leo walked up to him. Dark Leo manged to left his head slightly to look at him.
“Never insult Captain Ryan in my presence again. And we are heroes. I believe that is clear now.” He said. Then Leo turned around and walked away.
Raph was beyond ecstatic to have his sais back. Dark Raph tried to keep a straight face and not to show how scared he really was. But the truth was he was totally terrified, Raph looked like a deranged killer, and Dark Raph knew he was done for.
So after much more fighting, Dark Raph saw an opening and went to strike with his right claw. But Raph quickly noticed and moved to block. Raph's sai didn't just block though, they sliced right through Dark Raph's claw. Dark Raph held his hand as if he was injured even though he couldn't feel it. Raph took that moment to punch his red counterpart in the head. The evil red barbarian fell to the ground in the same state as his other two brothers.
Mikey and Dark Mikey had even more fun now that Mikey had his nunchucks. But they still were play fighting while talking about weird and random stuff. They still weren't taking the fight seriously.
“Ok ok. How about this one? Favorite color?” Mikey asked.
“Orange! Me too!” They both said at the same time.
Dark Mikey was then punched by a fist that belonged to a red masked turtle. He swayed for a moment before falling to the ground in the same state as his brothers. Mikey turned to Raph with a pout.
“Hey! What did you do that for?” He asked the hotheaded turtle.
“Get your head in the fight Mikey. He's our enemy! You have to pound them! You can never be friends with him. He will kill you if given the opportunity.” Raph said. Mikey let out a forced laugh and put on a forced smile.
“Oh. Yeah. Totally forgot bro.” He said. The excuse seemed to have fooled Raph.
“Ok then. Don't forget again, or else.” Raph replied. Mikey raised his right hand and made an x on his plastron with the other.
“Promise dude.” Mikey said with a fake smile. Again, Raph was fooled.
“Good.” He said.
“Come on everyone. Let's go.” Leo ordered.
Then one by one they jumped on boxes and thru the hole in ceiling. Leo was last, just in case. He stopped on the box right before the hole and looked over his shoulder. Karai had footbots pick up the dark turtles and carry them away. Leo and Karai locked eyes for a moment until Raph called for Leo.
“You coming fearless leader?” He asked.
“Keep your shell on Raph. I'm coming.” Leo responded. Then he jumped thru the hole and joined the others.
“And that's what happened Master Splinter.” Leo finished explaining to their sensei.
“No doubt this is a plan of the Shredder's with help from the kraang. All of you have fought very well. I am proud of all of you. But the dark turtles worry me. We don't know much about them.” Master Splinter said.
“Well looks like tomorrow night's patrol will be a recon mission.” Leo said.
“Ugh. I hate recon missions!” Raph groaned.
Meanwhile, at the foot clan's hideout. The dark turtles were all on there knees and bowing their heads so low it almost touched the floor. The Shredder, on his throne, looked down at them.
“You have failed me. You all swore you would bring me the turtles, April O'Neil, and Splinter. You all shall be severely punished.” The Shredder said in his deep, dark and scary voice.
“I underestimated them Master. I promise it won't happen again.” Dark Leo said. Then his eye piece sparked, causing Dark Leo to clutch his eye in pain.
“They have damaged your machinery. To bad Stockman isn't capable to fix them anymore. You'll just have to wait until the kraang get around to it.” Shredder observed. Then he stood up and walked right in front of Dark Leo. The dark turtles all bowed lower if that was possible.
“There is an irony here that amuses me. You're all very lucky you are all so loyal to me. I grant you a second chance. But if you fail...” Shredder said.
Then he grabbed Dark Leo's mask tails and forced his head up. His claws then were unsheathed from his gauntlets and brought them close to Dark Leo's throat. Dark Leo's eyes widened as he was grabbed and forced to look at Shredder. His eyes widened more as the blades were brought close to his throat. He gulped and nodded carefully.
“Hai, Master.” He breathed out.
Shadows in the Dark chapter 3
Episode 1 part 3

at the end there is where the episode would go all golden or whatever. also the next chapter would be the start of episode 2

Disclaimer: I own nothing except my version of 2k12 dark turtles.

check out my drawing of my version of the Dark Turtles 2k12 Dark Turtles
“When are those turtles gonna get here!? I'm itchin' to crack open their shells.” Dark Raph said impatiently, circling around everyone like a caged tiger.
“Be patient Dark Raphael. They will be here soon enough.” Dark Leo said to his bloodthirsty brother.
“I say let them take their time. I'm perfectly satisfied with waiting.” Dark Donnie stated.
He had his tail wrapped around April's legs and waist. His hand was grabbing April's chin, trying to make her look at him. April refused to though and continuously jerked her head out of his hands. But all that caused was Dark Donnie's evil grin to grow and hand to grab her chin again. Dark Mikey suddenly let out his signature laughter.
“Oh yeah! You're so satisfied that your getting stiff.” The crazy yellow turtle said to his genius brother with more laughter.
“Nothing my dear April can't take care of.” Dark Don replied to his little brother nonchalantly without taking his eyes off of April. His smile then grew more devious.
“She will never be yours!” Donnie yelled as he and his brothers jumped in. They all landed perfectly and with their weapons drawn.
“They're he~re.” Dark Mikey quoted creepily then laughed again.
“I thought we said to not bring your weapons. You four must not be as good as I thought.” Dark Leo said to the turtles.
“Let's fix that, shall we?” Dark Donnie said with a smirk. He then pushed something on his gauntlets and moved his arms in front of his chest.
Suddenly all of the turtles' weapons went flying to the gauntlets. The pull didn't seem to be as strong with Donnie's bo staff and he managed to keep it from flying away. All of the other weapons landed on Dark Donnie's gauntlets, magnetized to it. He then pushed something on his gauntlets again and all of the weapons fell to the ground in front of him. Now the only weapons the turtles had was Donnie's bo staff. Even all of their small hidden weapons were gone.
“Who the heck are you guys!?” Raph yelled, annoyed that his beloved sais were taken from him. Oh well he'll just have to used his fists.
“We are the Dark Turtles! Like the name? Came up with it myself.” Dark Mikey said with a grin, his long tongue hanging out of his mouth.
“Dude that's totally what I was thinking! It's the perfect name for you guys. Cause you're us but all dark and evil.” Mikey said.
“I know right!?” Dark Mikey said excitedly, happy that someone  finally understood.
“We were created by your DNA.” Dark Leo explained.
“But with a few minor altercations.” Dark Donnie added.
“Enough talk, more fighting!” Dark Raph said as he attacked his counterpart. Raph dodged flawlessly and began attacking as well. Dark Leo and Dark Mikey also began attacking their counterparts as well.
“I'm afraid that I have to leave you to get rid of this minor nuisance, my delicate flower. But don't you worry a hair on your beautiful head, I'll be right back.” Dark Donnie said to April before he attacked Donnie.
“You have no idea how much I've longed for this moment. Now I will finally get to truly prove my superiority in both mind...and...body!” Dark Donnie said as he viciously attacked Donnie. Donnie tired to defend and attack with his staff but Dark Donnie just blocked with his gauntlets.
“You are a wimp. You're too weak to protect her. Once you are done for, she will be mine. She will be my pretty little lab assistant. Our first project will be dissecting your perfectly preserved, nonliving body.” Dark Donnie continued to taunt his counterpart.
“That will never happen! I will always find a way to protect her. I am strong enough! You are sick and twisted. She would never want to be with you!” Donnie yelled, infuriated by his clone's words.
“Careful with that temper of yours Donatello. It's just as destructive as Raphael's.” The evil genius taunted with a smirk.
Donnie yelled in anger as he simultaneously pushed the button on his bo staff to make the blade pop out and brought it down to strike. Dark Donnie was momentarily surprised by the blade and hesitated for a second. That second of hesitation caused him to not be fast enough to completely dodge the attack. The blade went right down his face on his right eye. Dark Donnie screamed in pain as he held his wound.
“You will pay for that!” He screamed in anger.
Donnie then noticed that his eyes seem to glaze over, turning into a cloudy yellow. Dark Don then let out an animalistic roar and lunged for Donnie. Donnie managed to be fast enough to pull his staff up in front of his face. Dark Don ended up biting the staff as if he was a rabid dog. It was like that for a moment as Donnie tried to fend off Dark Donnie, getting clawed in the meantime. But then Dark Donnie suddenly doubled over, screaming in pain, being electrocuted. Donnie looked over and saw Karai standing close to them but still at a safe distance. She held what looked like one of those small car alarm devices.
“Why do I always have to do the turtle sitting?” Karai said right before she walked off. Donnie was left standing there very confused.
“You are one ugly turtle. And that's really saying something since my brother is Mikey.” Raph said to his clone as they fought.
“I heard that!” Mikey yelled from where he fought his clone. Raph ignored him though in favor of going to punch his red skinned counterpart.
“You must be looking at a mirror, cause I ain't the ugly one here.” Dark Raph replied as he grabbed Raph's fist and threw him over his shoulder.
“Aren't you afraid you'll break a nail your highness? How about I break 'em for you!?” Raph said as he got up and charged after Dark Raph. They collided, both growling and grabbing each others fists. They struggled to get the upper hand on the other.
“You may have kidnapped our friend, taken our weapons, and share our DNA, but you will never win.” Leo said to his clone as he dodged the giant sword.
“And what makes you so sure?” Dark Leo asked as he swung his sword again.
“Because just like Captain Ryan, the heroes always win. And we are heroes. That's what heroes do.” Leo said as he took an opportunity to strike.
“You honestly think Captain Ryan is a hero? That's a laugh. Space Heroes is the dumbest show I have ever seen.” Dark Leo spat out. Leo's face turned into one of shock.
“How dare you!? You are no clone of mine! Captain Ryan is a true hero and someday I will be just like him.” Leo said to his blue skinned clone. Dark Leo just scoffed in response. Leo knew that this argument could last forever so he decided to change the subject.
“So why is Karai not fighting? Going by past experiences she should be trying to kick my shell right now. What gives?” He asked, sneaking a look at Karai.
“She's not here to fight. Those aren't her orders. She's merely keeping an eye on us.” Dark Leo answered. Leo felt as if there was more to what Dark Leo said but knew by the look in his eye that he wasn't going to say anything more. But he was still curious about one other thing.
“So if you're my clone, do you have, maybe, somewhat, sorta, feelings for Karai? Maybe?” Leo asked with a hint of blush on his cheeks. He couldn't help but look at Karai again. Of course none of it went unnoticed by the dark leader. Dark Leo took a look at Karai also, then at his mad scientist brother.
“I am not like my brother.” He said simply. Leo sighed as he realized he wasn't going to get any type of real answer out of his clone.
Dark Mikey laughed as he continuously tried to bash Mikey with his clubs. Mikey in turn continuously jumped, flipped, and ducked as he tried to dodge the clubs. With the way the “wild ones” were fighting, it almost seemed as if they were dancing instead. Although given their personalities, you never really know if they really are fighting or not.
“So what's your favorite pizza topping? Movie? Cartoon? Video game? You ever wished you could fly an alien spaceship? Ever had a dream like that? I have. My brothers were there and there was something about a robot and dinosaurs or something. I don't really remember though.” Mikey rambled, not exactly grasping the concept that this was his enemy. Apparently Dark Mikey didn't exactly grasp the concept either.
“Uh, ok let's see if I can do this in order. Never had pizza. Never watched tv. Never watched tv. Never played any. Yes. No. And that is an awesome dream dude!” Dark Mikey answered with more laughter. Soon they were both laughing and talking and joking around. Then they both scratched their heads in confusion.
“Aren't we supposed to be doing something?” Mikey asked. They both then looked around and saw their brothers fighting.
“Oh yeah! We're supposed to be fighting!” They both said at the same time as they realized the entire purpose they were there. Then they went back to fighting, sort of, in the way only Mikey does.
Donnie soon recovered the momentary shock and went over to April. He managed to loosen the rope before something twisted around his ankle and pulled him. He fell to the ground and was pulled away from April. He looked over and saw Dark Donnie, awake, and really mad. He used his tail to whip Donnie to the other side of him. Then he let go and flipped onto his feet.
April managed to struggle enough to break free from the rope, then take off the cloth gag. She quickly went over to the weapons, grabbing her own. She grabbed Leo's swords, caught his attention, and threw them to him. Leo grabbed his swords and smirk at his evil double, who had a look of horror. She did the same with Raph's sais and Mikey's nunchucks. Which produced the same looks on the two other turtle brothers and their doubles. Then April went to help Donnie with her tessen in hand.
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I've been working out details of my version of a tmnt reboot cartoon. i personally think that i have some good ideas and a really good thing going on here.

basically how im going about this, i take my favorite things from all three cartoons, and maybe even things from the 2007 movie at some point, put it all together and then add everything I've always wanted to see in tmnt.

but that's not all, i also take things from the fandom as well. Like for example, tails. in every tmnt thing that i have watched, no turtle has a tail. except for Dark Donatello, and when 2003 Don got mutated. but that's besides the point. in the fandom though, the turtles almost always have tails.

so what i am asking of all you shellheads out there, what do you want to see in a tmnt reboot? what do you most like about the cartoons/movies? what do you not like?

i will try to incorporate what everyone likes in my version of a tmnt reboot


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Hello! I'm FanGirlStephie aka Steph. I love cartoons and anime! I also love creating characters, so that's what will mostly be in my gallery. But I also like to write, I'm on I'm writing a few stories. Oh, and I am 18, and I am a girl, just so we are clear. TURTLE POWER! I mostly hand draw stuff and then scan it into my laptop and then trace it with paint and then color it. But the scanning thing is a bit of a problem. i really need a new printer/scanner.

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